Saturday, September 19, 2009


For those of you who don't know, i make beanies and last summer i started at my attempts to produce a brand..a name for myself. Not as easy as it seems. I had the product( my aunt and i made 70 beanies over the summer) but i had no GOOD way of selling them other by word of mouth. So i brought them to Mammoth and sold a few there but really just used them for trade. so as the season rolled on the idea somewhat rolled away.
Conveniently this summer,my friend Sebastian, Basti, reminded me of his clothing company called Yallentins. long story short - Basti is now selling the beanies.
i finished his order of 20 a week or so ago with help to my aunts speedy hands.
They were shipped out the same day they arrived to me and should be in Basti's possession hopefully by early next week. In the meantime he's posted up the sample ones i sent to him.

have a look see!
::click the pic::

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