Saturday, September 19, 2009


Premiers are always fun. This one was no different. The theater was cool and the fact that they didn't have a lobby to kick it in was merely a fly on the wall thanks to Linda's down the block. The pre and the after party was held at this classy joint and if you've ever been to a snowboard premier - you know what goes down.

Well, to start...MEEEEETHOD MANIAAAAA!!!! The intro is a huge montage of epic was sweet.
The video itself was good. @peetard and I agree that it was a little long but that Keegan's fence bit and that huge cone lookin' thing were rad. I was stoked to see Annie B. and Marie F. Roy KILLING IT for the ladies. SO pumped to see lady riders out there along side the guys taking huge drops and amazing BC lines. Dan Brisse - rooftop to rooftop gap...need i say more? He also had a sweet rail transfer along with some crazy corked out spins.
One of my favorite riders since i started, Mr. Gigi Ruff. love this guys style. It's so ...pretty? i dunno the guy kills it on a board and this video proved no diff.

Last but certainly not least. I thought I would save the best, and by best i mean funniest, for last.
That's right, Travis Rice himself rode up on a white steed of majesty complete with fur hat. Not only was his entrance great but throughout his part he rocked this American flag jacket...represent brother...represent...
His riding...well its fuckin pretty sure after last season. I no longer go "snowboarding" I go T.Rice-ing...

So the night was fun the vid was good and i even got a few goodies at the end.Annie Boulanger, myself, forgot his name..., Wolfgang Nyvelt
Annie and Wolfgang doin' some signin'the line almost circled the block... it was crazy

If there's a premier coming up near you I suggest that you go and see it. It was no waste of my time.


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Shralp said...

Who is that random dude between you and Wolfgang?