Monday, September 17, 2007

ASR 2007 - San Diego

i know its been a LONG while since i last posted
but this one and the one to follow should be good

so ASR (action sport retail), which is like this huge convention where all the action sport companies come and showcase their stuff for retailers to check out and order for their shops.
mainly only manufacturers and retailers get to go
but i know some people
so i got to go with DVS and Matix
which was pretty nice.

my friend JJ is the one who got me on the list, drove down from CO. so i drove down friday night and met up with him and his buddy Ryan at the DVS photo show
got some shirts and hung out
then we headed to a theater called Sparkles? i think?

it was showing some videos - we made it in time to see this Australian surfing gang documentary called Bra Boys - pretty interesting check it

then i think we just ended up wondering around going place to place till 4am then JJ and i ended up sleeping in my car. not the best sleep i've had.

Saturday - i woke up and headed down to the convention center and JJ introduced me to some of his friends from CO
really cool guys (ended up hangin out with them more than JJ)
they have this company called Sansusa, and what they do is they do custom skateboard graphics for companies. say you have a shop and you want a shop deck
send'em your graphics and they put them on a board for ya. they also do some clothing and denim work - peep it

so moose, Travis, Sean, and i ended up all hanging out that night. went to a "lounge" and then kind of got over walking around haha so they invited me to stay with them at the condo they rented in Ocean Beach that was a block away from the water. i accepted.

Sunday - we woke up and headed down to there booth wasnt a lot of action goin on the last day
so we just kinda hung out and what not. but by this time i'd already gone to most of the vendors i was interested in and stocked up on shwag.(i had so much from saturday) so i just meandered and got whatever i could which turned out to be a lot especially from the volcom booth haha. i think like 3 shirts 4 pairs of panties videos cds posters pins like EVERYTHING.
it was pretty rad
then i found an old buddy,Mike, that i knew from Big Bear who at the time repp'd for Nitro who now was workin for Skullcandy. so he hooked me up with a couple sets of headphones - i was stoked.
best part of my day though, by far one of the best days of my life, while i was heading over to the Skullcandy booth i just happen to run into Tara Dakides AKA my snowboarding Idol - so i asked her for a pic, had a small but i would say Good conversation about Mammoth and whatnot then i left to go freak out about what i had just accomplished.
to say the least.

aftr calming down i went wround and checked everything out s'more. ended up playing on the indo boards for a while and then buying one for $50 - deal of the year for sure

after that i helped tear down the booth with the guys
said goodbye to JJ-i'd see him next weekend at HD&HR at Bear - and then headed back to the condo.

we went to the beach played in the water then came back to the condo showered, watched the sunset on the roof, and then went to this little mexican joint and had some goood carne asada burrito's.

walked around a little bit then went back to the condo and hung out.
one of the other guy, Ryan, had a friend from AK come and stay with us that night. Patrick, he was really cool.
i'll prolly end up in AK sometime to hang out with him at his shop.

i ended up staying sunday night again and leaving Monday morning.
i had a blast
i cant wait till january to go again in Las Vegas - should be even better since i'll be 21 and allowed to go to ALL the after Parties

oh haha and the one other AWESOME thing
Justin Eldridge-Pro skater for 'es and Chocolate
asked me for my number
(i'll admit i didn't realize who he was untill i got home-but still the fact that he, a cute guy, loudly pointed to me and said, " Damn, now she is cute!" as i walked by was clearly enough for me to be stoked on)

enjoi the pics

DVS photo show

DVS photo show crowd

Downtown art "graffiti saved my life"

'es Skate park setup

half pipe

the amazing Tara Dakides and I

Year Long Disaster - Volcom Booth

Kyle and I - yeah my OR friend hitchhiked from CO to get to ASR

yeah - i was WAY over dressed

Travis over flowin with steeze


Moose - he later named me woobie because i had my baby blanket with me - go figure

Moose and I with the roof top sunset

Travis, Moose, and I on the roof

O.B. sunset

My Volcom Pass

Just another fun weekend.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


found this via Myspace and seriously could not stop laughing


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seriously? really?

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Portland/Mt. Hood, OR

so before leaving Seattle for good i figured i hve one last run for fun and go hit up Mt. Hood, OR for some summr sessions.
trip agenda:
greyhound to portland
get picked up by friend kyle
go to hood
bus to portland
fly home

what actualy happened...

GHETTO greyhound to portland-i was partially scard for my life
kyle arrives on a bike
(keep in mind i have all my gear and some clothes)
so we take a cab to his friends house and we stay there for the night
next morning (monday) kyle informs me him and his buddy Chris have to go to court at 11 for a some drunken incident
im cool with it i still have tuesday and wednesday to ride
so we spend all day in portland
(and there was some wierd some in ortland - big surprise, right?) and then catch a bus to a bus to the train to another bus to kyles house
we lucked out and it only cost us 5 bucks to get from portland to mt.hood - awesome.

T-Rex eating My Little Pony - so sad yet so funny
toy wall
Toy Wall
train station
train station-they were gentleman and carried my gear for me the whole way
whatever conclusion you come to for this one you let me know...

so the next morning Kyle and i wake up and ride
i find Raleigh towards the end of the day and then we decided to head back as it was gettin late and we were gettin worked

Mt.Hood in the summer glory
kyle and meeee
as always flashin the Shocker (Kyle and Me)
Raleigh droppin trou - it was hot up there
snow sign
this is how mesages get relayed at Hood - so up to date yeah?

so we go back to the house
Kyles roomie,roomies GF, and roomies lil bro were all half way to hammersville - it didnt take too long for kyle to catch up
half a bottle of jack and two night trains later the four of us(Chris-roomie,Khia-roomie gf, Matt-roomie lil bro, ad myself) are all in a bubble bath - with suits.
boys being drunk decide to drop trou. so khai and i are sitting in a tub with 2 naked boys - then kyle comes in decides he needs to shae a lil somethin with us involving his...tercer testículo...proving once and for all he was more man than ANYONE he was to face in the Mountain Boarding US Championships in Aspen, CO next week. Then he stripped down and joined in for a little while then proceeded to get out and passout on the couch.

hot tub
bubble bath to the max

the main event of this evening was the tale of Chris missing 3 days of work - no call no show - so go ride and shoot with the guys...he'd been working on a pretty legit mugshot of a friend and editing his face on there. he was just gonna go in say he' been arrested and thats why he hadnt been in - prtty good eh? i thought so. and with his skill in PS i was sure it was good as done....but Chris needed to make sure he didnt lose his job. So after about 20-30 min of Matt punching his brother int he face and Chris begging me to punch him in the face Matt finally busted Chris's cheek open pretty good...

chris face
wide open
matt and chris
brotherly love right there

Chris was not fired and ended up saving his job with his busted face.

so kyle and i had planned to go riding wednesday but woke up to rain and alot of it
so much the mtn didnt even open
which sucked
so i ended up only riding one day and headed down to portland early just for the sake of not haveing to wake up super early to catch my flight home.
so we tracked it back down to portland and hung out with Kyles friend Kyle (who for less confussion we'll call KV) who lived down in P-Town and roomed with a guy named Steve - pretty sure he rides for Rome. since he was pretty not happy that i was wearing a Burton beanie and had a Burton board and boardbag in his he gav me a new NEFF beanie.

otherkyle and i
Other Kyle and Me
steveand mee
this is steve - they were soooooo hammer drunk

long story short becuase im kind of over typing right now -
Kyle ended up leaving and meandring the streets
KV and i were swing dancing
Steve was totally diggin me
so was KV

and i was stoked lol

no one slept we stayed up until steve took me to the airport at 7 that morning to catch my 8:15 flight back home.
they were bummed
and so was i
they got kisses goodbye and a spooning fiesta like i had planned much earlier in the day.

in conclusion
this trip was slightly epic.

Friday, July 20, 2007


So Jamie had called me up and said, " hey lets go camping and then go to the Byerly Toe Jam. Scott (Byerly) will be there and he said he wants me to come and chill."

one of my main reasons that i started working at Hyperlite was to meet the pros such as Byerly.

so we packed her car and headed down to bumfuck nowhere.

it took us 3hrs to get there - normally shouldve taken an hour-hour and half at most but there was a ton of traffic. s we finally get there and its raining - big surprise - we have to pitch our tent in her headlights int he rian while allt he teams and shops chill in thier million dollar RV's
thanks guys.
our camp site and Jamie's Nugget

the next day was cool hardly anyone there and the comp was pretty sick
first for me
i had fun a recomend going to one of the tour stops.