Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So my mom and my little brother house got broken into tonight
im super shook up abou tit
i really just want to be there for them

my moms new laptop that she treated herself to was taken
my little brothers laptop which is his life was taken
my moms savings of 3k for emergency and x-mas is gone
among other things

im glad they're fine but it still erks me to know that someone came into my moms house and took stuff that she works so hard for
for a single mother - nothing comes easy-but it can go just like that.
i dont doubt that it was some dirty fucking mexican

i begged her not to live in Indio-scum bucket of a town.

kills me to imagine what my mom is going through right now

so im going to ask for donations just to help them replace the things that were taken
anything and everything helps
the button is on the page and the $$$ will go into a PayPal account that i manage

thank you in advance for your prayers, cares, and hopeful donations


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