Monday, August 31, 2009


i was lucky enough to have gotten hooked up with Bonfire gear last season.
it fit well, had good cuts, and surprisingly let me find that light pink fit me pretty well on the hill.
to say the least i loved it and would definitely sport it again - given the chance to shake my butt for more free gear.

so now as they announce that they're going to have boots this season... I'm thinking i may just have to give these a try and push my oh so comfy Celsius aside.

Bonfire Women's Echo Snowboard Jacket

Bonfire Blaze Snowboard BootBonfire Women's Flame Snowboard Boot

the Echo Jacket pictured above, i am def diggin' that. along with those boots...not bad not bad.
like i said def givin' these babies a run or two...I'll be making some calls...

Friday, August 28, 2009

today has been a good day/ BLACK WINTER PREMIER

so this morning i got a call at 8am
all 13 of my unemployment check from the summer had arrived
thank you CA fo rthe $2100
oh and my aunt is helping me fill my beanie order
and i fiounf a rad pait of jeans

oh and i'm going to the Black Winter premier tonight...

like i said - today has been a good day
pay off the credit card
new iPhone
and possibly a new camera...who knows
the possibilities are endless


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hump Day Goes Dancing with Louie

Hump Day Goes Dancing with Louie

Posted using ShareThis've just made my season even more EPIC than i already know it will be
thank you AGAIN for this pre-season gift haha first boots now this?'re just full of surprises ;)

skin cancer sucks...

So my Mom just had a chunk of her cheek, alongside her nose, removed because it was cancerous.
my whole family grew up tanning in the sun. So, of course, I'm no different. I can't tell you how many gallons of tanning oil my sin has soaked up in my lifetime - probably too much.

But seeing as a close family friend is now undergoing Chemo Therapy after having intense Melanoma...multiple family members went to the doc to have a looks see if they're good and clear.
My mom was the only one who had anything intense done, but she's done her two surgeries and is recooping just fine...i think I'll call her Bride of Frankenstein for a while though, i mean with 28 stitches...she earned it.

love you mom
wish i could be there for you like you're always there for me


Monday, August 24, 2009

wiffle ball....

is very deceiving.

my friend Jeff called me up and was like i'm gonna be in you neck of the woods playing in a wiffle ball game you should come and play

having nothing better to do i agreed
thinking oh this is either gonna be super lax or we're not even gonna play at all they're just gonna get drunk and we're gonna look really cool at a park surrounded by kids.

no no
we had legit teams

Pants vs. Shorts

i was on pants
and man oh man did we kick ass
had to go into extra innings ended up winning by 14
and although i felt victory in my heart - my back and knees felt everything it took to get that victory.

now the next day - im more sore than a fat lady's first day at Curves.
i fee like im 80 yrs old - this is gonna be bad when/if im actually 80 yrs old.

but on better news
i made a trip to Michael's
got new paint pens, canvas, and yarn to fill the beanie order - yay
so now i'll be feeling like and old lady doing old lady things but in the nice body of a youthful 22yr old...oh how i have the world fooled...


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dropping Knowledge with Desiree Melancon

Dropping Knowledge with Desiree Melancon

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i found this interesting
i see her on the hill all the time
she's nice
and super good
i envy her just a bit...

so its sent...

so i sent off the letter to Snowboarder Mag...hopefully they reply with an AWESOME YES!!!
rather, hope they reply at all

but yeah so I'm waiting on that
but in quicker good news -

i sold 20 beanies to my friend Basti over in Germany for his company Yallentins .

SO stoked on that
I'll be filling his order during the next few weeks
i have a lot of work to do
and in doing so may have less time to put in here at the cafe

this is me
like right now


Thursday, August 20, 2009


Lucas Magoon is in “serious condition, but stable” in the ICU of Renow Health Hospital in Reno after a fall skating. The folks at Boardistan did their reserch and found out he is NOT in an induced coma as was previously reported on Twitter. Lucas is not only a great kid and amazing snowboarder, but the richest man in Rutland! If we prayed, our prayers would go out to Lucas. Get well soon buddy!

Update: 9:00 PM Aug. 13, word from Lane Knaack is that prognosis for Lucas is good. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers!

Update from EStone: 9:21 PM. Hey Everyone I just got off the phone with Lucas’s nurse. He is not in a coma. They are keeping him heavily sedated to minimize the chance that he will move around and cause his brain to start bleeding again. The bleeding has stopped and the swelling is going down. They will try to take him off the ventilator in the morning and bring him out of his lucid state. Lets all pray for him tonight.

Update: 11:10 am, Aug. 14. Lucas is awake and off the ventilator. Friends say he is “awake and confused.” He is still in the ICU and under constant watch, but is doing much better.

Update: 3:27 pm, Aug 14 from E Stone: I just got a very positive update from one of Goon’s friends at the hospital. He is awake and is showing his classic Gooner personality. He has a long way to go but is on the path to recovery. For anyone who does not know it was a skateboarding accident. Pending his insurance situation we might be hitting you all up for a donation. Thanks for all the positive Vibes.

so i came to the cafe last night and i couldn't get a table with a plug so my battery died after about 20 min which sucked
and i didn't bring my journal for whatever reason
so i was left with a cookie bag in my purse from a week ago and a pink pen

i jotted down everything around me until it was full
because i was full of frustration at this guy - oh man

you'll see
because im going to re type it all for you here...

"atthe cafe and my laptop died - all the plugs are occupied & i didn't bring my journal so now im forced to act like a crazy novelist and write on a cookie bag because it was the only thing i had in my purse - oh well im in Seattle right? and that what people in Seattle do...right? so Zach is working tonight and looking exceptionally cute and hipster with his high cuffed pants, vintage beat loafers, and thrift store blue button up - i hate facial hair but something about your bear makes me want you and your walk - a bit annoying yet fierce and determined ?
i really fucking wish one of these fat bitches would get up i know they have internet at their apartment and wtf is wrong with the people at my place? does no one want half of their internet bill paid for? oh i think sweats guy may finally be leaving, yep, i see the windows shut down screen almost there - now if cute cafe guy doesnt notice it - im GOLDEN - oh wtf he was just restarting his comp what a fuckin tease. what could they possibly be doing like really do any of them have a blog to update? no. seriously it retarded how i want to be on the internet right now.
i always feel like Zach hates when i come into the cafe. he's closing his drawer - must be closing time soon. fuck i didnt get that letter sent out to Snowboarder."



new painting

still not sure if i like it
i might do some drips or something to take away from the harsh lines of where the colors meet

leave me your thoughts

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

blabity blah blah blah

didnt do much today
woke up
went "shopping"

came home and painted
im still debating on if ilike it or not...some adjustments might be in order...we shall see

pictures should be up tomorrow

ps-totally got cheack out my the long haired dude crossing the street - KA-CHOW


Monday, August 17, 2009


on dancing with the stars...
kind of a "wtf" for all of us in the snowboarding community

but hey
maybe he'll prove that snowboarders can cha cha just like anyone else and that we're not as useless as some may think...

i know i'll be glued to the show like i was glued to Daisy of Love last season and i will be wasting my unlimited text on voting for Louie - that's for sure.

he should do alright-i mean i gave him a lap dance last season that won me new Celsius boots so he should've remembered some of my moves....if i see any of's on for sure.


here's a list of who he's up against.


Saturday, August 15, 2009

another foreign black guy requesting to speak to me...

i dont understand why all these weird guys msg me on myspace telling me they want an american lady friend...
here's the latest one

I am tall handsome ,my name is thoMas..,and some people would describe me as looking like .I love to travel, go motor cross riding, hiking,skiing,horse back riding with my horse "MATE",So far he's been very gentle. I travel to Hungary once a year,just came back in November,All my relatives are there and look forward to seeing them.I was born in America, but my parents are in Hungary.I want to find a good,honest woman in the U.S. I have met a lot of friends in uk,but don"t seem to have a lot of time to see people when I am there.I hope this time I will meet that person that I have been looking for,and I hope its you... pls if u are interested in meeting me u can contact me on yahoo mail and if u don"t have a yahoo mail i will like u to go get one here is my id



Friday, August 14, 2009

this made my week...

Skip Buringrud is very thankful for Cousin Missy

my cousin, skipper, who's letting me crash with him rent free
all i do is cook and clean, has this as his FB status...

so cute

thank you skipper

im also very thankful you didnt skimp and go cheap on a couch.

much love

Thursday, August 13, 2009


peetardRT @KevinCasillo: Please keep Lucas Magoon in your prayers! He fell skating and hit his head! He is in a induced comma at Reno hosp.

maybe this will shake some things BACK into place?

but no in a serious manner
keep him in your prayers
that's no fun

video premiers

like i mentioned in the last post

heres a small list
im sure there will be more to come

so if you're here in the GREAT NW
take note and be there

and if you go lemme know i might need a ride...

‘Black Winter‘ by Standard Films | Aug 28 – King Cat

‘Contrast‘ by Nimbus & ‘Everyday is a Saturday‘ by PBP | Sept 12 – King Cat

‘Neverland’ by Absinthe Films | September 17 - Egyptian Theater

‘In Deep‘ by MSP | Oct 1 – King Cat

‘Pretty Good‘ by Rage Films | Oct 10 – evo

‘re:Session‘ by TGR | Oct 24 – king cat

also heres trailers of most of the videos coming out the season

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

slack time is over...

so i pretty much slacked it all summer while i was living the life up in Encinitas

I'm black now

but sadly my sunny summer days have been counted and punched
I've done my 2ND migration this summer - this time to the great NW
that's right I'm back in Seattle
living the dream up here...with the clouds, hills, and oddly dressed people.

oddly enough two very well dressed hotties just walked into the cafe I'm at...

so anyways
I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be spending my whole summer on couches
seeing as i was on a horrible futon in SD and now I'm on a super nice Ikea couch at my beds in the mix.

so along with not working and being like a part-time nanny while I'm up here
I'm taking on an apprenticeship under my cousin and learning the ways of Fine Street Art...otherwise known as "graffiti"

so this should consume a large amount of my time seeing as I'm a slight perfectionist and i don't like to "not be good" at something
so when i do get to the point where I'm doing my first throw up - i want it to be a bomber fer sher.

also I'm gonna try and start doing what i do for all of you folks who i think read this for SnowboarderMag....

Seattle is a prime spot for pre-season festivities so hopefully i can write the partial sentences that flow from my fingertips for someone who has an audience.

I'll keep you all posted on that
I'm hoping i can get the proposal letter out of my head, into an email, and the send button it pressed before the end of the week...we shall see.

oh and follow me on twitter


Tuesday, August 11, 2009