Thursday, April 23, 2009

So I'm sittin on the sundeck watching my friends ride as I take a day off to recoop the knee. Its been a trooper throughout the majority of the season - all the ski school and pow days I've put on it just sucks that now when the sun is out and the snow is soft it hoeas out after only 4 hours a day and can't go more than 4 days in a row before filling up with fluid oh well I guess summer is around the corner and with plans to go to Denmark I'm sure all the walking might do it some good

Brooke and I are really excited to see all our Danish boys in their own land ha they're crazy here in mammoth so there's no telling what they are like at home. I know Brooke will be stoked to see Mikkel again and I'm hoping to see Soren again but if not my long distance pact husband Basti will be in Germany gist below us waiting ha ha - I'm an international hustler if you didn already know - field is full time to stp

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just set up the mobile blogging now hopefully many MANY more post will come I mean I update my Facebook status and tweet all day why can't I put it all where it really matters? (that's what he said) so yeah mobile everything now thank god I have a blackberry now and typing is just that much easier can I post pictures through this also? That would be great...............

Monday, April 20, 2009


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i want this to happen

Saturday, April 18, 2009

the end is

so Eagle Lodge and Canyon Lodge close tomorrow for the season
my last scheduled day of work was today - which means i get to ride South Park the last day its open - thank god

the season i think has been good up to this point
brooke and i are keeping it a duo routine through most of the summer
the lease is up at the end of may and we're planning to go to Denmark to hangout with our new found friends sometime mid July

were both pretty stoked to travel

when we get back im planning on moving back to Seattle til November then coming back here

a pretty pretty summer thus far

my teaching portion of my Level Two is in about a week
i still need to write down my progression and finish my written exam
i think i'll find sometime to do it while im in LA next week?
i'm starting to think i shouldn't go
i mean thats crucial riding time and i really need to get this all done but i wanna bring some stuff down south - and go to the big employee party on monday.... decisions

more posts to come as i will be riding everyday and not working 14-16 hr days...yeah
sucks ass

hope you enjoy Brooke and I snappin some photos for ya....