Saturday, May 30, 2009

So today is prom and the arcnd to last day in our place I'm still in bed gettng a huge headache from the insence Brooke lit downstairs while she makes heaps of unrecognizable rukus
I have. Just my bathroom to clean and my bedding to pack
I would say this is the fastest and most organized move I have ever done

The two of us will be moving back down south to Encinitas in just over a week with Avery and Eric were stoked I know I am
I can't wait to live at tge beach and just bum it down there all day and with the 4 of us who knows what chaos we'll create its gonna be a good time

A post prom blog will be up in the next 48 hours

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


ME: hey Chris (lil bro) guess what i'm doing this weekend
CHRIS: what
ME: what did you do last weekend
CHRIS: go to prom
ME: uh huh
CHRIS: no way
ME: yep - i finally got asked to prom and it only took four years after i graduated

so there's a pretty good chance that i might be going to the Mammoth high School Prom
a boy i work with at MSG asked me
and me being stoked out of my mind
said yes

over the last few days i've been pumped that i get to dress up in my dress that i bought for Poodle Prom again
and dance the night away
more or less have the Prom i never had because that whole part of HS for me sucked ass for me
but oh well - better late than never

as expected my friends, Brooke and Avery, are giving me heaps of shit for it
they're playing their expected roles of nervous mom and protective dad very well.

ahhh freinds...

so anyways this blog is to celebrate the wonderful images of "PROM"
i found a site that does it better than i could ever fathom

and here's some more memories i thought couldn't go without mention....

seriously what the fuck is up with all the duct tape enssambles ...

so i hope this maybe helps you out in your future prom decisions....


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sitting poolside with the the girls Brooke and Em the convo was as follows:

Em: I'm going to simulate my brain with puzzles
Me: is the puzzle of a guys brain? 'Figure this out'
Brooke: what - one piece?

I love us

But yeah summer is def upon us were laying out more than riding and Brooke is always sun burnt
River floatin trips are now all the craze other than trips up to Tahoe
All signs that the season is over to all of us who can't afford to go to new Zealand

Memorial day weekend is usually spent poolside with my family and extended family. But here in mammoth Brooke and Em will do any day
Have a good weekend


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

sometimes facebook...


never ceases to amaze me...
especially when i get msg's like this...

"You're really really beautiful...i like u so much ...i like also the curiious look on your eyes..

anyway wish u a life a full of happinness
i would be a lucky man if i have a girl like also interested to know u


im glad he's interested to know me...


Sunday, May 3, 2009

so this and that...

i passed my Level 2 exam and can now teach in New Zealand
stoked on that
i was sure i as going to fail - but actually passed above level 2 standard
my examiner, Jeb, told me in my review i was teaching at a level 3 standard
so that makes me feel a little better about taking my level 3 next season
along with that I'll be taking my Freestyle 1 so that i can teach park

aaaaaaand with that maybe I'll get a job at HCSC up at Hood or maybe even in NZ...we shall see

WCI was last night
WOW is all i can say about that...found our Scotty Arnold has a bit of a thing for me...

so yeah Brooke and I are still planning out Denmark
trying to figure out where were staying and for how long and what the itinerary once we get there is
we know the girls are stoked for us to come and have plenty of things for us to do
but as for the boys I'm pretty much banking on them waiting till we get there to plan our days out ha ha
either way I'm OK with this

I'm actually at work right now - its dead we've done 4 transactions in the past three and a half hours and we're closing an hour early

i still get to walk home in this horrible wind that has prevented me from riding the past 4 knee says praise the lord while i curse mother nature.
i just wanna break 100 days already
I'm only 3 away...grr

not much else goin on in the quiet little town of Mammoth
i know its not news years or anything but I've made a resolution to myself.
its been attempted before but I'm pretty sure that this time...this time its gonna be different.

i can feel it.