Wednesday, October 29, 2008

i have juuuust about 2 weeks left...

just about 2 weeks untill this is once again my life
oh how i can not wait
sooo pumped

this rad vid was found courtesy of my friend David down unda'

VOTE 2008

go out and vote people


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

wow aaaaand we're back...

so back in august everything of mine expect(surprisingly) my myspace was hacked

i got my facebook back but was still locked out of all my accounts and everything linked to them
including the blog

i gave up trying for a while and for some reason decided to give it another go tonight
so after about 4hrs

im back
suck on that fuckin hacker

i move back to mammoth Nov. 5th

im so pumped - season starts nov. 13th and i cant wait to start riding

the beanie company is lookin good
inventory is ridiculous so i think im set for the season extra money should be on the way

anyways - its late but i had to post about my victory
more posts to come

oh and if anyone has a laptop for me
hook a sister up