Tuesday, September 15, 2009


This was a piece in the lobby of City Hostel Seattle.
All the rooms are individually painted by Seattle based artists.

At Halogen, these were just a few of the pieces i liked and could ninja snap some pictures of.
One of my favorite artists, Aaron Kratin, also had a few of his hard drive pieces showing so i was pleased to see those.
Next door is Roq La Rue is what really brought me back to wither of these galleries. I saw these eerie, ghostly, 18th century photograph looking pieces. Being a fan of all that's ghoulish, my face was plastered against the glass at first sight. I its like a mix of what you would see at The Haunted Mansion and a circus sideshow which means instant love to me. His name is Travis Louie aka amazing.

Another one of my favorite artists, Mark Rayden, also had some his amazing work hanging on the brilliantly white walls.

"Ecstasy of Celia""Marie Antoinette"
"JAJO - Patron Saint of Clowns"

I'm really glad i found these spots. I love looking at art and even more if the style is one I'm personally interested in. Great two days of art...I'm on the hunt for more...might just go to the SAM.


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