Thursday, September 3, 2009


after spending the morning in Issaquah i started the night by going to EVO's HAPPY HOUR and hanging out with some old friends and making some new ones. Usually being the only sober one amongst the group i end up driving a couple friends home. Doing so, i always have the pleasure of seeing them the next morning to return their cars. Last night was no different. I took Molly and Chris home with Molly's car and kept the car over night and this morning went and picked up Chris to take him to his car @ Evo. After, we grabbed some coffee and tea before meeting up with Molly for lunch.

We had lunch at this neat little Italian place and had some super good paninis and talked about some new work that is going to be done on and to the blog. (ooooh ahhhhhh)

After lunch Molly used me as a model for the new Tom's Shoes that they just got into the shop. The pictures on the site check the link for a look see. While in the shop i decided that i need/want to treat myself to some new clothes. not finding anything i REALLY liked, Chris and i decided to bail and headed to Golden Gardens for a stroll along the "beach". it makes me chuckle a little bit every time they call it a beach but oh well - I'll let you seattlites keep what "beach" you have. snapped this pic on our way out
After Golden Gardens, Chris decided to play a bit of a tour guide I guess you could say and took us downtown. we went a meandered around going into the glass blowing place and watching people play with molten mag-ga-ma. i found these and I want.
after the glass shop we went to the shopping district where i picked up this new shirt
I'm gonna go back tomorrow and get it in teal also. love this thing. H&M is rad for cheap shit like this.

all in all it was an eventful day compared to most I've had here in Seattle so far.
had a great time
new friends are always fun
and Chris wants some custom that will be fun.


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