Thursday, September 24, 2009


made it out last night to Havana's where the Videograss and new Air Blaster video's were to premier. Besides it being cold for once at night, the Drive- In movie setup was pretty rad. couches, lawn chairs and a big wall to project on? sweetness.
they played the Air Blaster film first to get us all pumped and ready. Man oh man - i don't think I've laughed so hard during a snow vid since the special features in LAME. so good. those boys went all over. NC, Tokyo, Japan just havin all sorts of fun. the feel of the video was like something you would make with your krew on your home mtn. the commentary was all just convo of how they enjoy riding with each other. it was a sweet video - I'll def be downloading it for free that asian guy? " i like cream of young boy?" fuck me - so good.

might I mention that before the video, after the video, and then after the second video...RAFFLE!
tons of stuff was gettin raffled off. i think like 3 boards boots bindings tons of beanies headphones everything - you name it - even free beer.

on to Videograss. i honestly don't really remember much of if it due tot he fact that i was freezing..
but fer real...the riders were good i think some of the parts were a little long. the video itself felt longer than the avg. snow vid. but it was good
I'd watch it again fer sher.
horrible review
i know
get over it.

i finally got to sleep in and all in preparations for tomorrow nights premier of THINK THANKS " Cool Story" video

these next few weeks are packed with premiers...STOKED
keep checkin back


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