Tuesday, September 22, 2009


just realized i never posted my review for Black Winter...from like 3 weeks ago...
my bad

here it is:

I got the chance to catch Black Winter by Standard Films on Friday at the King Cat Theater in Seattle. The film was good, but the venue was not really prepared for the sold out crowd unless you are into being crammed like sardines into a tin can. Throw in booze and Red Bull to complete the whole fiasco and you will begin to get an idea of what they were calling a "lobby."

As far for the video, right from the intro it made you feel like you were about to call the first drop of the season. They opened with Torstenin Horgmo and Andreas Wiig who both had epic parts and enders came courtesy of Eric Jackson and Mark Landvick. To round out the whole thing were parts from Chas Guldemond, Leanne Pelosi, and Lonnie Kauk as well as some solid offerings from newer riders like Jason Dubois, Halldor Hellgasson, and Seb Toots. Also special shout out to Seb for deciding to rock a helmet in a major video part. Which is something you don't see nearly enough of.

Overall, I'd have to rate Horgmo and Wiig's parts as the crem de la crem of the whole thing. Both of them are just too good at snowboarding not to mention they probably had the best song picks of the whole video.

The heli shots, soundtrack, and rider commentary were all on point and the video was on par with what you have probably come to expect from Standard.

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