Wednesday, September 9, 2009


life as a snowboarder, as glorified as it may be, is not cheap and is financially outstanding compared to the majority that call it life.
we hardly work and if we do it's only for six months or less during the summer therefore we're always broke. yet, we somehow afford and find money to get new gear, passes, housing, food, and travel all over just to get our shred on in other places.
how it all comes to work, after 13yrs, i still do not know.
but nonetheless, we make it work.

I've recently come to find that art is a really good form of currency. and if you're good at it-even better.
last season my form of art was shaking my butt. it landed me new boots, outerwear, and bindings.
this season, it turns out to be my actual painting skills. who knew.
a friend of mine, Mr. Chris Zimmerman, happen to like some of my art. he asked for some and of course i replied, "what do i get?" conveniently, he's a rep for Burton. he asked what i would want and i told him I'm in dire need of a new board and the Burton G-Twin just so happens to be my board of choice.
so we discussed what sort of paintings he would want i instantly had a few idea's in my head. we then discussed my "payment". decided i would be getting the 146 G-Twin and the Molotov bindings.

so yesterday i went down to the Burton showroom like 5 blocks from my apt. and we got it all setup. i don't have to tell any of you how excited my heart got setting up my new shred baby...i know you're all familiar.

so there she is.
all shiny and new can not wait to get her to her new home.
Mammoth-you have a new lover.


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