Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Missing That Special Someone?

i know i am...

Mel DiPietro: i cant help but miss you!?
brooke schrader
: i KNOW
brooke schrader
: fucking A i miss you
Mel DiPietro
: im so glad we feel the same
brooke schrader: yez
brooke schrader: of course
Mel DiPietro
: otherwise all this homo emotion would be one sided and that would be awkward...

Summer for snowboarders is like summer for kids still in school. We make all these friends then and the end of the season(school year) we all go our separate ways missing the ones we liked most.

Well friends, school is almost back in session for us snow slashers and the tears of joy can once again run free.
Keep sending your "wish you were here" post cards and all the origami folded "i miss you" notes and Brooke and I will keep on keepin on with our no homo convos and video chats via Skype.


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