Friday, November 27, 2009


so im super laggy on thinking " maybe i should tell the people who actually go to my blog that it has a new address..."


i updated the site a bit
went to wordpress
bought a domain

the whole nine if you will

but anyways the new site is the same name just .com

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


THE VERDICT: torn ligaments on both sides of my ankle
If I do intense PT I should be good to go in 3-4weeks def not as bad as I thought.

still sucks and this just ads another brace to my riding attire BUT, I can still ride this season...probably no jumps til spring though...oh well cab 5's will have to wait.

This is what I did:
send good vibes my way...karma will pay you back :)

Monday, November 2, 2009


So, I went to the trampoline house again tonight for my friend Ryan's birthday...within my first four jumps - i was down.
My ankle was burning and all I wanted ti do was scream.

Looked down at my ankle that I couldn't move and crawled off the tramp.
As of right now its pins and needles on the top of my foot, I can't pull it up but I can wiggle all my toes, and there two gash like marks around my ankle that look like the skin was pulled apart...but there's no blood.

Conveniently, i leave at 11am today go home to Palm Springs and the coming Friday I'm supposed to drive back to Mammoth.
All this may change now that i am unable to walk.

I didn't go to the hospital because i have no insurance. I'm waiting to go when I get home.

Both my Mom and I know this is pretty bad due to the fact and way I was crying.
A. I never cry
B. if I do its only after a long time and due to the fact that i can't ride

So, the fact that i was balling on the phone from the pain...not good.
My mom even said, "Missy, you've never cried like this." I told her I know and I'm just really scared - which I am.
This is going to jeopardize my whole season, my job, my living situation...everything.
Not only am I ultimately fucking up my deal, but Brooke, Nolan, and Daryl might have to find another person to live in the house super last min. Hopefully, if that turns out to be the case, Josh will still be looking for a place and would want to take it over.

I cant sleep and the Advil just isn't doing the job. Kumara had told me, "Everything happens for a reason, God loves me, and I'm going to be ok." I told her, "perhaps this is what I get for not going to church in a long while." we shared a laugh and then I was once again focused on the pain. As i was laying on the floor elevating my ankle on a chair, I began to think about what Kumara had told me...perhaps this was all for a reason. for example; I will now have a reason to sit and make my resume for that ESPN snowboard blogger position EPIC. Also, it will give me all the time i need to make an awesome audition video for The Real World.
Whatever this "reason" blows ass since it keeps me from riding.

i think the swelling has gone down just a bit over the past few hours, but it's still sore to the touch and I can't pull my foot up...the worst part is the pins and needles on the top of my foot - that is what's concerning me the most.

I'm pretty sure that I've torn some ligaments which in recent experience (right knee ACL and right Shoulder ACL) just sucks. If anything, hopefully I'll only be out for a couple months...I think I could handle that but anything more... I might as well just stay the fuck home in the desert.

I'm going to try and find a comfortable position again and see if sleeping sets in. Most likely wont, but i cant try.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

shaun white...wendys girl...

you think you know...
but then
your mind is fucking blown...
its like all ginger dress as other gingers...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I know I know I know.... It's been FOREVER since my last post. I'm SORRY, but if you could see the amount of stress I've been under trying to figure all my packing and shipping and working at the showroom and hanging out with people before i leave and lunch dates and dinner dates and potlucks and Blond-o-Meal parties and birthday parties and getting my costume ready and trying to remember to not be late for my flight and taking my cousin to his flight and a MILLION other would understand.

Luckily, good ole Louie Vito, who sadly got voted off Dancing With the Stars tonight, said this...

Louie says i blog...

Seriously thought i've been busy out of my mind.
i thought last week was packed
this week is over flowing

so my apologies for the lack of posts - they will be back soon seeing as i will be back in mammoth late next week.

just a quick update of the latest news.

1. works all work at the Burton showroom.
2. met more really cool people.
3. blend-o-meal - pictures to come.
4. ...there was something else that i took a lot of pictures at...they'll be posted too.
5. got called by The Real World...they want to meet me...nbd...nbd...

please don't die on me and just be a tid bit more patient.

yours truly and forever.

oh and PS what do you think of the new header pic?

Friday, October 9, 2009


So, having already seen the video - i knew what to expect and the whole IMAX deal was cool. It was like we were all on a field trip. There were goody bags and some of the team riders were there to give out some rad prizes. The video is a bit short but over alllllll the riders parts are decent and the big banger ender, it was my favorite part, was pretty rad. Everybody is gonna hate and be like that video was stupid blah blah blah Shaun White this blah blah. Yeah, he had a ridiculous(in a not so good way) part, but it's SW...what else do you expect. So anyways, i liked the video but the after party at Ozzies was where the REAL fun was had...

one word.


I'm just gonna come out and say probably the best four performances of my Karaoke career.
Kumara and I performed such hits as:

Everybody - Baskstreet Boys
Red Light Special - TLC
Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
Walk Like an Egyptian - The Bengals

Needless to say I'm pretty sure Kumara and I out Karaoke'd Mason and others...despite the claim of karaoke masters.
sadly something was wrong with my camera and a lot of the pics came out blurry
but you can still get the jist of how good the night was.

red light special

"now throw ya hands up in the air - and wave'em 'round like ya just dont careee"

So as you can see from the pics...we got down...waaaaaaay down.
oh and just a lilt reminder...I'm completely sober...
I like to party.

i cant wait for all of ours next time to party...oh it's tomorrow...what a surprise!


Thursday, October 8, 2009


First Snow from Greg weaver on Vimeo.

Mammoth, CA received its first snow fall of the season on Oct 4th 2009. These are some images from that day.

first snow and Matty MO!
uhhh get some!!!!


::click pic for bigger image::

I don't know if you've gone to BURTON'S SITE and checked out all the teasers for the new video "B" but they're pretty awesome.

Tomorrow night at the freakin IMAX at the Seattle science center. Stoked to see snowboarding on the biggest screen there is...way to one up everyone Burton...this is gonna be sick.

get your tickets @ EVO


Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Tonight at the Egyptian Theater
TWS “Get Real” and People Creative’s “Nice Try”

Sadly I will not be able to attend due to i have wee one watching duty tonight while my cousin goes and delivers his package...i mean A package...

Anyways, here's the teasers for the two flicks I'm bummingly going to miss....

To my surprise, right when i was about ot post this sad sad blog my cousins comes in and tells me i can go to the premier.

Funny the way things work out. haha
So now just stay tuned for the write ups to come later one

Monday, October 5, 2009

Saturday, October 3, 2009


OK so seriously one of the funnest premiers I've been to in a while.
The video was EPIC and on tip of it the environment had high fives and good vibes flowing throughout.
The show was held at Evo and packed full with at least 100 people supporting each and every rider in the video. Cheering and woo-hooing for every rider throughout the whole film was awesome. The feeling was just amptness on top of stokedness. Just being in the jam packed shop - you couldn't help but wanna strap in right there.

The video had an obvious western theme. Kinda like how Familia had the mafia deal - these NW boys were cowboys. The boys couldn't have been more pumped. All little boys grow up pretending to be cowboys and now they're all in a video together being cowboys AND snowboarding. BAM. 2 birds 1 video. You could tell they had fun making it and we all had a blast watching it. Big up to my friend Joe Bosler who had the big ender. Stoked for him.

here's the teaser to check out - i highly recommend spendin' the cash and gettin' this one for that dusty shelf of yours.

"How The Northwest Was One" teaser from Wild Card on Vimeo.

and here are some pics from the night...

my friend Ryan was the bunny that night... so good

After the show was my friend Kumara's "IM ON A BOAT" birthday party here are some shots from that...

this is Cowboy.

boat in the kitchen
who wants a mustache ride...any takers?

The night over all was awesome i was stoked to see some people and even more stoked to hangout with them for the remainder of the night. I'm going to miss Seattle more than i thought i would. it's a shame i love Mammoth so much...mid season trip? I think so.

Friday, October 2, 2009


So Chris, whom the paintings are for, finally came and picked them up last night. I was holding off on posting them so that he wouldn't get a sneak peak. Now that they're off my living room floor and on his living room wall, I can share with you one of my favorite pieces I've done in a while.

It's a series of three pieces on 24"x36" canvas spray paint and acrylic

It was like i was 15 and giving my child up for adoption...almost brought tears to my eyes while placing them in the back seat of Chris's car...but i had my real baby inside waiting for me aka new G-Twin setup.
Trades are SO GOOD.

Make Art - Not War


Thursday, October 1, 2009


So i just finished watching STANCE, the all girls snowboarding vid. Man oh man are these girls steppin it up for woman snowboarding. they make me proud to have a vagina and ride a snowboard.
these girls are killing it with the back country shots and the huge drops. Not to mention uppin the annie in the park section.

you need to watch it for yourself.

STANCE FILM from Jmills ENT. Jeremy Miller on Vimeo.

It makes me even more stoked to go shred here pretty soon...hopin for some inner city snow here in Seattle before i make the trek back to Mammoth...::sigh::


Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So my mom and my little brother house got broken into tonight
im super shook up abou tit
i really just want to be there for them

my moms new laptop that she treated herself to was taken
my little brothers laptop which is his life was taken
my moms savings of 3k for emergency and x-mas is gone
among other things

im glad they're fine but it still erks me to know that someone came into my moms house and took stuff that she works so hard for
for a single mother - nothing comes easy-but it can go just like that.
i dont doubt that it was some dirty fucking mexican

i begged her not to live in Indio-scum bucket of a town.

kills me to imagine what my mom is going through right now

so im going to ask for donations just to help them replace the things that were taken
anything and everything helps
the button is on the page and the $$$ will go into a PayPal account that i manage

thank you in advance for your prayers, cares, and hopeful donations


Saturday, September 26, 2009


So up here in WA Think Thank is the local hoo-ra. Don't blame'em - these guys are rad. They have some of the most progressive riders in the biz and all conveniently located here in the greater Seattle area. Jesse Burtner, founder and owner of Think Thank as expected did it again with his sixth video.

It was based on a time line of last season and all the riders shared a different, their part, of the story. I thought it was really fun the way it was laid out. The riding. The traveling and definitely the music all really rad but just like Videograss...a tad long? i dunno maybe I'm just getting old who knows. Go check it out if it comes to a town near you. Heres the teaser...

Cool Story - Think Thank's 2009-2010 Snowboarding Film from vas entertainment on Vimeo.

The night also brought us "As Green As It Gets" which is Sno-Cons and YKWII team video.
these guys? awesome. here's another little teaser for ya...

YKWII MEDIA TRAILER #2 AS GREEN AS IT GETS from tommy little on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


made it out last night to Havana's where the Videograss and new Air Blaster video's were to premier. Besides it being cold for once at night, the Drive- In movie setup was pretty rad. couches, lawn chairs and a big wall to project on? sweetness.
they played the Air Blaster film first to get us all pumped and ready. Man oh man - i don't think I've laughed so hard during a snow vid since the special features in LAME. so good. those boys went all over. NC, Tokyo, Japan just havin all sorts of fun. the feel of the video was like something you would make with your krew on your home mtn. the commentary was all just convo of how they enjoy riding with each other. it was a sweet video - I'll def be downloading it for free that asian guy? " i like cream of young boy?" fuck me - so good.

might I mention that before the video, after the video, and then after the second video...RAFFLE!
tons of stuff was gettin raffled off. i think like 3 boards boots bindings tons of beanies headphones everything - you name it - even free beer.

on to Videograss. i honestly don't really remember much of if it due tot he fact that i was freezing..
but fer real...the riders were good i think some of the parts were a little long. the video itself felt longer than the avg. snow vid. but it was good
I'd watch it again fer sher.
horrible review
i know
get over it.

i finally got to sleep in and all in preparations for tomorrow nights premier of THINK THANKS " Cool Story" video

these next few weeks are packed with premiers...STOKED
keep checkin back


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Burton Showroom labor dayssss

so the last two days i've been working at the Burton showroom helping them tag old smaples that never sold at the sample sales...

over 600 tags and 2 days later ... im finished
all witht he hopes that i've worked up enough credit to get some new gear...

badda bing
badda boom

new four square jacket
new analog pants
new burton pack pack

stoked....and i still have more credit and prolly more work once the 2011 stuff gets in
woooooo luggage here i come!

i want the big blue gravis bag...bad....


Tuesday, September 22, 2009


just realized i never posted my review for Black Winter...from like 3 weeks ago...
my bad

here it is:

I got the chance to catch Black Winter by Standard Films on Friday at the King Cat Theater in Seattle. The film was good, but the venue was not really prepared for the sold out crowd unless you are into being crammed like sardines into a tin can. Throw in booze and Red Bull to complete the whole fiasco and you will begin to get an idea of what they were calling a "lobby."

As far for the video, right from the intro it made you feel like you were about to call the first drop of the season. They opened with Torstenin Horgmo and Andreas Wiig who both had epic parts and enders came courtesy of Eric Jackson and Mark Landvick. To round out the whole thing were parts from Chas Guldemond, Leanne Pelosi, and Lonnie Kauk as well as some solid offerings from newer riders like Jason Dubois, Halldor Hellgasson, and Seb Toots. Also special shout out to Seb for deciding to rock a helmet in a major video part. Which is something you don't see nearly enough of.

Overall, I'd have to rate Horgmo and Wiig's parts as the crem de la crem of the whole thing. Both of them are just too good at snowboarding not to mention they probably had the best song picks of the whole video.

The heli shots, soundtrack, and rider commentary were all on point and the video was on par with what you have probably come to expect from Standard.

Monday, September 21, 2009


::click pic for bigger image::

I don't know if you've gone to BURTON'S SITE and checked out all the teasers for the new video "B" but they're pretty awesome.
i know everyone kinda hates on Burton...but ya know what...get over it
i like'em
they like me
and i like the G-Twin...
so there


Sunday, September 20, 2009

another wierd one...

take what you will from this one.
again, i dont know why i get so lucky...

Saturday, September 19, 2009


For those of you who don't know, i make beanies and last summer i started at my attempts to produce a brand..a name for myself. Not as easy as it seems. I had the product( my aunt and i made 70 beanies over the summer) but i had no GOOD way of selling them other by word of mouth. So i brought them to Mammoth and sold a few there but really just used them for trade. so as the season rolled on the idea somewhat rolled away.
Conveniently this summer,my friend Sebastian, Basti, reminded me of his clothing company called Yallentins. long story short - Basti is now selling the beanies.
i finished his order of 20 a week or so ago with help to my aunts speedy hands.
They were shipped out the same day they arrived to me and should be in Basti's possession hopefully by early next week. In the meantime he's posted up the sample ones i sent to him.

have a look see!
::click the pic::


Premiers are always fun. This one was no different. The theater was cool and the fact that they didn't have a lobby to kick it in was merely a fly on the wall thanks to Linda's down the block. The pre and the after party was held at this classy joint and if you've ever been to a snowboard premier - you know what goes down.

Well, to start...MEEEEETHOD MANIAAAAA!!!! The intro is a huge montage of epic was sweet.
The video itself was good. @peetard and I agree that it was a little long but that Keegan's fence bit and that huge cone lookin' thing were rad. I was stoked to see Annie B. and Marie F. Roy KILLING IT for the ladies. SO pumped to see lady riders out there along side the guys taking huge drops and amazing BC lines. Dan Brisse - rooftop to rooftop gap...need i say more? He also had a sweet rail transfer along with some crazy corked out spins.
One of my favorite riders since i started, Mr. Gigi Ruff. love this guys style. It's so ...pretty? i dunno the guy kills it on a board and this video proved no diff.

Last but certainly not least. I thought I would save the best, and by best i mean funniest, for last.
That's right, Travis Rice himself rode up on a white steed of majesty complete with fur hat. Not only was his entrance great but throughout his part he rocked this American flag jacket...represent brother...represent...
His riding...well its fuckin pretty sure after last season. I no longer go "snowboarding" I go T.Rice-ing...

So the night was fun the vid was good and i even got a few goodies at the end.Annie Boulanger, myself, forgot his name..., Wolfgang Nyvelt
Annie and Wolfgang doin' some signin'the line almost circled the block... it was crazy

If there's a premier coming up near you I suggest that you go and see it. It was no waste of my time.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


This was a piece in the lobby of City Hostel Seattle.
All the rooms are individually painted by Seattle based artists.

At Halogen, these were just a few of the pieces i liked and could ninja snap some pictures of.
One of my favorite artists, Aaron Kratin, also had a few of his hard drive pieces showing so i was pleased to see those.
Next door is Roq La Rue is what really brought me back to wither of these galleries. I saw these eerie, ghostly, 18th century photograph looking pieces. Being a fan of all that's ghoulish, my face was plastered against the glass at first sight. I its like a mix of what you would see at The Haunted Mansion and a circus sideshow which means instant love to me. His name is Travis Louie aka amazing.

Another one of my favorite artists, Mark Rayden, also had some his amazing work hanging on the brilliantly white walls.

"Ecstasy of Celia""Marie Antoinette"
"JAJO - Patron Saint of Clowns"

I'm really glad i found these spots. I love looking at art and even more if the style is one I'm personally interested in. Great two days of art...I'm on the hunt for more...might just go to the SAM.