Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So my mom and my little brother house got broken into tonight
im super shook up abou tit
i really just want to be there for them

my moms new laptop that she treated herself to was taken
my little brothers laptop which is his life was taken
my moms savings of 3k for emergency and x-mas is gone
among other things

im glad they're fine but it still erks me to know that someone came into my moms house and took stuff that she works so hard for
for a single mother - nothing comes easy-but it can go just like that.
i dont doubt that it was some dirty fucking mexican

i begged her not to live in Indio-scum bucket of a town.

kills me to imagine what my mom is going through right now

so im going to ask for donations just to help them replace the things that were taken
anything and everything helps
the button is on the page and the $$$ will go into a PayPal account that i manage

thank you in advance for your prayers, cares, and hopeful donations


Saturday, September 26, 2009


So up here in WA Think Thank is the local hoo-ra. Don't blame'em - these guys are rad. They have some of the most progressive riders in the biz and all conveniently located here in the greater Seattle area. Jesse Burtner, founder and owner of Think Thank as expected did it again with his sixth video.

It was based on a time line of last season and all the riders shared a different, their part, of the story. I thought it was really fun the way it was laid out. The riding. The traveling and definitely the music all really rad but just like Videograss...a tad long? i dunno maybe I'm just getting old who knows. Go check it out if it comes to a town near you. Heres the teaser...

Cool Story - Think Thank's 2009-2010 Snowboarding Film from vas entertainment on Vimeo.

The night also brought us "As Green As It Gets" which is Sno-Cons and YKWII team video.
these guys? awesome. here's another little teaser for ya...

YKWII MEDIA TRAILER #2 AS GREEN AS IT GETS from tommy little on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


made it out last night to Havana's where the Videograss and new Air Blaster video's were to premier. Besides it being cold for once at night, the Drive- In movie setup was pretty rad. couches, lawn chairs and a big wall to project on? sweetness.
they played the Air Blaster film first to get us all pumped and ready. Man oh man - i don't think I've laughed so hard during a snow vid since the special features in LAME. so good. those boys went all over. NC, Tokyo, Japan just havin all sorts of fun. the feel of the video was like something you would make with your krew on your home mtn. the commentary was all just convo of how they enjoy riding with each other. it was a sweet video - I'll def be downloading it for free soon...plus that asian guy? " i like cream of young boy?" fuck me - so good.

might I mention that before the video, after the video, and then after the second video...RAFFLE!
tons of stuff was gettin raffled off. i think like 3 boards boots bindings tons of beanies headphones everything - you name it - even free beer.

on to Videograss. i honestly don't really remember much of if it due tot he fact that i was freezing..
but fer real...the riders were good i think some of the parts were a little long. the video itself felt longer than the avg. snow vid. but it was good
I'd watch it again fer sher.
horrible review
i know
get over it.

i finally got to sleep in and all in preparations for tomorrow nights premier of THINK THANKS " Cool Story" video

these next few weeks are packed with premiers...STOKED
keep checkin back


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Burton Showroom labor dayssss

so the last two days i've been working at the Burton showroom helping them tag old smaples that never sold at the sample sales...

over 600 tags and 2 days later ... im finished
all witht he hopes that i've worked up enough credit to get some new gear...

badda bing
badda boom

new four square jacket
new analog pants
new burton pack pack

stoked....and i still have more credit and prolly more work once the 2011 stuff gets in
woooooo luggage here i come!

i want the big blue gravis bag...bad....


Tuesday, September 22, 2009


just realized i never posted my review for Black Winter...from like 3 weeks ago...
my bad

here it is:

I got the chance to catch Black Winter by Standard Films on Friday at the King Cat Theater in Seattle. The film was good, but the venue was not really prepared for the sold out crowd unless you are into being crammed like sardines into a tin can. Throw in booze and Red Bull to complete the whole fiasco and you will begin to get an idea of what they were calling a "lobby."

As far for the video, right from the intro it made you feel like you were about to call the first drop of the season. They opened with Torstenin Horgmo and Andreas Wiig who both had epic parts and enders came courtesy of Eric Jackson and Mark Landvick. To round out the whole thing were parts from Chas Guldemond, Leanne Pelosi, and Lonnie Kauk as well as some solid offerings from newer riders like Jason Dubois, Halldor Hellgasson, and Seb Toots. Also special shout out to Seb for deciding to rock a helmet in a major video part. Which is something you don't see nearly enough of.

Overall, I'd have to rate Horgmo and Wiig's parts as the crem de la crem of the whole thing. Both of them are just too good at snowboarding not to mention they probably had the best song picks of the whole video.

The heli shots, soundtrack, and rider commentary were all on point and the video was on par with what you have probably come to expect from Standard.

Monday, September 21, 2009


::click pic for bigger image::

I don't know if you've gone to BURTON'S SITE and checked out all the teasers for the new video "B" but they're pretty awesome.
i know everyone kinda hates on Burton...but ya know what...get over it
i like'em
they like me
and i like the G-Twin...
so there


Sunday, September 20, 2009

another wierd one...

take what you will from this one.
again, i dont know why i get so lucky...

Saturday, September 19, 2009


For those of you who don't know, i make beanies and last summer i started at my attempts to produce a brand..a name for myself. Not as easy as it seems. I had the product( my aunt and i made 70 beanies over the summer) but i had no GOOD way of selling them other by word of mouth. So i brought them to Mammoth and sold a few there but really just used them for trade. so as the season rolled on the idea somewhat rolled away.
Conveniently this summer,my friend Sebastian, Basti, reminded me of his clothing company called Yallentins. long story short - Basti is now selling the beanies.
i finished his order of 20 a week or so ago with help to my aunts speedy hands.
They were shipped out the same day they arrived to me and should be in Basti's possession hopefully by early next week. In the meantime he's posted up the sample ones i sent to him.

have a look see!
::click the pic::


Premiers are always fun. This one was no different. The theater was cool and the fact that they didn't have a lobby to kick it in was merely a fly on the wall thanks to Linda's down the block. The pre and the after party was held at this classy joint and if you've ever been to a snowboard premier - you know what goes down.

Well, to start...MEEEEETHOD MANIAAAAA!!!! The intro is a huge montage of epic Methods...it was sweet.
The video itself was good. @peetard and I agree that it was a little long but that Keegan's fence bit and that huge cone lookin' thing were rad. I was stoked to see Annie B. and Marie F. Roy KILLING IT for the ladies. SO pumped to see lady riders out there along side the guys taking huge drops and amazing BC lines. Dan Brisse - rooftop to rooftop gap...need i say more? He also had a sweet rail transfer along with some crazy corked out spins.
One of my favorite riders since i started, Mr. Gigi Ruff. love this guys style. It's so ...pretty? i dunno the guy kills it on a board and this video proved no diff.

Last but certainly not least. I thought I would save the best, and by best i mean funniest, for last.
That's right, Travis Rice himself rode up on a white steed of majesty complete with fur hat. Not only was his entrance great but throughout his part he rocked this American flag jacket...represent brother...represent...
His riding...well its fuckin T.Rice...im pretty sure after last season. I no longer go "snowboarding" I go T.Rice-ing...

So the night was fun the vid was good and i even got a few goodies at the end.Annie Boulanger, myself, forgot his name..., Wolfgang Nyvelt
Annie and Wolfgang doin' some signin'the line almost circled the block... it was crazy

If there's a premier coming up near you I suggest that you go and see it. It was no waste of my time.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


This was a piece in the lobby of City Hostel Seattle.
All the rooms are individually painted by Seattle based artists.

At Halogen, these were just a few of the pieces i liked and could ninja snap some pictures of.
One of my favorite artists, Aaron Kratin, also had a few of his hard drive pieces showing so i was pleased to see those.
Next door is Roq La Rue is what really brought me back to wither of these galleries. I saw these eerie, ghostly, 18th century photograph looking pieces. Being a fan of all that's ghoulish, my face was plastered against the glass at first sight. I its like a mix of what you would see at The Haunted Mansion and a circus sideshow which means instant love to me. His name is Travis Louie aka amazing.

Another one of my favorite artists, Mark Rayden, also had some his amazing work hanging on the brilliantly white walls.

"Ecstasy of Celia""Marie Antoinette"
"JAJO - Patron Saint of Clowns"

I'm really glad i found these spots. I love looking at art and even more if the style is one I'm personally interested in. Great two days of art...I'm on the hunt for more...might just go to the SAM.


just a few pics around seattle

these are some pics that I've snapped while venturing around Seattle
Seattle skate park

Mary Jane NW

This is Mel

Along the Water

Nothin better than mowin' the lawn in a speedo


Missing That Special Someone?

i know i am...

Mel DiPietro: i cant help but miss you!?
brooke schrader
: i KNOW
brooke schrader
: fucking A i miss you
Mel DiPietro
: im so glad we feel the same
brooke schrader: yez
brooke schrader: of course
Mel DiPietro
: otherwise all this homo emotion would be one sided and that would be awkward...

Summer for snowboarders is like summer for kids still in school. We make all these friends then and the end of the season(school year) we all go our separate ways missing the ones we liked most.

Well friends, school is almost back in session for us snow slashers and the tears of joy can once again run free.
Keep sending your "wish you were here" post cards and all the origami folded "i miss you" notes and Brooke and I will keep on keepin on with our no homo convos and video chats via Skype.


Thursday, September 10, 2009


So if you've kept up with this blog of mine you'll know that with every great passing of time i get to thank Myspace for enabling random guys to send "get at me" emails to me...
the best, and unfortunately, the worst make here for your reading pleasure.
these are two that i received this week...

contestant #1: Sean Roberts
Myspace: life is too short
Hey Beautiful Im Shawn. How are you? I would really like to get to know you is that ok? If so heres a little bit about me im 21, i live in portland oregon,and for fun i text, hoop, play xbox, workout, go out, and kick it with my niggas anything else you wanna know just ask. I hope to hear from you soon. Have a nice day. Bye. P.S. If you have a cell number and your ok with texting can i get your number please

contestant #2: Wilner Saint
Myspace: Wilner Saint
Hello beauty,
I am Wilner Saint Cyr. .
AGE: 31
Height: 170 cm 5' 9’
Weight: 85kg 150 lbs
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
City: Miami(El Portal).
Country: USA.
Occupation: Student.
Education: MBA
Religion: Baptist
Marital Status: Single
Kids: No kids
Languages spoken: Fluent French, English Haitian Creole& little Spanish.
I love to laugh, write, read, travel, see movies and I'm inspired by the beauty of nature. I consider myself to be pretty open- minded and I like to try new things. I am looking for someone who is smart, respectful, honest, knows what they want in life, has a sense of humor and tries to be healthy at least half the time. A real, long term relationship is the goal here, can I find this person on you?

clearly, i get the creme de la creme of pickin's here...
how i came to be so lucky i don't know.
Brooke...continue to be jealous...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


life as a snowboarder, as glorified as it may be, is not cheap and is financially outstanding compared to the majority that call it life.
we hardly work and if we do it's only for six months or less during the summer therefore we're always broke. yet, we somehow afford and find money to get new gear, passes, housing, food, and travel all over just to get our shred on in other places.
how it all comes to work, after 13yrs, i still do not know.
but nonetheless, we make it work.

I've recently come to find that art is a really good form of currency. and if you're good at it-even better.
last season my form of art was shaking my butt. it landed me new boots, outerwear, and bindings.
this season, it turns out to be my actual painting skills. who knew.
a friend of mine, Mr. Chris Zimmerman, happen to like some of my art. he asked for some and of course i replied, "what do i get?" conveniently, he's a rep for Burton. he asked what i would want and i told him I'm in dire need of a new board and the Burton G-Twin just so happens to be my board of choice.
so we discussed what sort of paintings he would want i instantly had a few idea's in my head. we then discussed my "payment". decided i would be getting the 146 G-Twin and the Molotov bindings.

so yesterday i went down to the Burton showroom like 5 blocks from my apt. and we got it all setup. i don't have to tell any of you how excited my heart got setting up my new shred baby...i know you're all familiar.

so there she is.
all shiny and new can not wait to get her to her new home.
Mammoth-you have a new lover.


Sunday, September 6, 2009


i love Todd Richards. He's just awesome. FACT.
what i also love is TODCAST .
please click the link and watch
i know you'll enjoy it just as much as i did.


Stoked to see someone i know on the guest book at Snowboardermag.com
met him 2 seasons ago at WCI he grew up riding with a grip of my friends from the EC.
prolly one of the sweetest kids.
Brooke and I stayed at the Forum Mansion with him when he was in mammoth for this past seasons WCI. The hot tubs on the balcony had a color changing light...we were in it till the sun came up...walking home in a wet bra is no fun...but the memories were unforgettable.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Living right across the street from the Seattle Center means i have the easiest access to Bumbershoot along with with Skip getting us tickets from work, go Skip.

we just walked back from seeing Katy Perry. Needles to say i was stoked and Skip was not...that would soon change. With the body of a sex kitten and the mouth of a sailor, Skip would soon find out that Katy is the girl of his dreams.

i already knew she was awesome which was why i was SO stoked when he said he got us in.
here are some pics.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


after spending the morning in Issaquah i started the night by going to EVO's HAPPY HOUR and hanging out with some old friends and making some new ones. Usually being the only sober one amongst the group i end up driving a couple friends home. Doing so, i always have the pleasure of seeing them the next morning to return their cars. Last night was no different. I took Molly and Chris home with Molly's car and kept the car over night and this morning went and picked up Chris to take him to his car @ Evo. After, we grabbed some coffee and tea before meeting up with Molly for lunch.

We had lunch at this neat little Italian place and had some super good paninis and talked about some new work that is going to be done on and to the blog. (ooooh ahhhhhh)

After lunch Molly used me as a model for the new Tom's Shoes that they just got into the shop. The pictures on the site check the link for a look see. While in the shop i decided that i need/want to treat myself to some new clothes. not finding anything i REALLY liked, Chris and i decided to bail and headed to Golden Gardens for a stroll along the "beach". it makes me chuckle a little bit every time they call it a beach but oh well - I'll let you seattlites keep what "beach" you have. snapped this pic on our way out
After Golden Gardens, Chris decided to play a bit of a tour guide I guess you could say and took us downtown. we went a meandered around going into the glass blowing place and watching people play with molten mag-ga-ma. i found these and I want.
after the glass shop we went to the shopping district where i picked up this new shirt
I'm gonna go back tomorrow and get it in teal also. love this thing. H&M is rad for cheap shit like this.

all in all it was an eventful day compared to most I've had here in Seattle so far.
had a great time
new friends are always fun
and Chris wants some custom art...so that will be fun.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009


while doing my daily lurk session at SNOWBOARDER i came across the new teaser for HOT LAPS, Mammoth's team video.
man oh man, not only can i not wait to get back but i am stoked for all my friends in the video. so good.so fun. premier night in mammoth is gonna be one hell of a party.

Get your free copy in the January Superpark issue of Snowboarder Magazine.