Friday, December 19, 2008


moved into the place and it's rad
love it
and it's still dumping
for a week now

grips of pics are on myspace and facebook of the season thus far

won new bonfire gea the other night for shakin what my momma gave me

things won this season:

boots - check
gear - check

i start teaching on saturday
aka making money

it's gonna be tight this month but i think the 3 of us will make it through

we should really get on that go - go dancing


Sunday, December 14, 2008


i need money
to pay off my credit card
make rent
and buy new gear since all mine is breaking


just a vent
thats what this thing is for right?


Brooke is almost here

dolla dolla bill ya'll


Saturday, December 13, 2008

week long storm

so today is the first day of a predicted week long ordeal'

I'm stoked
new snow and i finally get to move into my house on Tuesday 
Brooke comes into town in 3 days
and i cannot wait

i feel like Tammie and i have been here forever and been on the most uncomfortable futon ever
don't get me wrong
i thank Luc, Matt, and Julian grips for letting us crash for like 3 weeks
but i am SO ready to be in my own space

but on to more Snow related chitter chatter
i feel like i have progressed more in the last month of riding than i had all last season
its going great 
being pushed by friends and just having nothing else really to worry about

it's nice

that's really all i have time for atm so hopefully i'll get more stuff to blabber on about

i got a second job at Mammoth Sporting Goods
sweet as

Friday, December 5, 2008

a month later...

and im still couch surfing
having a blast
but i really want my own place

as im sure a lot of you know
friends, as good as they are, are HUGE flakes...
so finding a place and people to live in it with Brooke and I has proven to be more of a challenge than we ever thought

im going with this awesome realtor today too look at a few places for just brooke and i and hopefully we'll find something good

on a more cheerful note
thanksgiving was amazing - my first turkey was picture 
perfect and tasted  euphoric 

also i now have 30 days racked up of continuous riding
its awesome
my goggle tan is coming in nicely

the snow is good - its been pretty comparable to last springs conditions
employee dinners start on monday and hopefully eagle opens soon so i can start working and making money

im trying to blog more but as we dont have internet and im only on here because i ran out of underwear and am doing laundry at a friends house.

i have some great pics which i hope to have up soon
also im still taking donations for a new laptop

this pic was taken a few days ago during the 3rd storm of november
Tammie and I know how to get down