Saturday, October 3, 2009


OK so seriously one of the funnest premiers I've been to in a while.
The video was EPIC and on tip of it the environment had high fives and good vibes flowing throughout.
The show was held at Evo and packed full with at least 100 people supporting each and every rider in the video. Cheering and woo-hooing for every rider throughout the whole film was awesome. The feeling was just amptness on top of stokedness. Just being in the jam packed shop - you couldn't help but wanna strap in right there.

The video had an obvious western theme. Kinda like how Familia had the mafia deal - these NW boys were cowboys. The boys couldn't have been more pumped. All little boys grow up pretending to be cowboys and now they're all in a video together being cowboys AND snowboarding. BAM. 2 birds 1 video. You could tell they had fun making it and we all had a blast watching it. Big up to my friend Joe Bosler who had the big ender. Stoked for him.

here's the teaser to check out - i highly recommend spendin' the cash and gettin' this one for that dusty shelf of yours.

"How The Northwest Was One" teaser from Wild Card on Vimeo.

and here are some pics from the night...

my friend Ryan was the bunny that night... so good

After the show was my friend Kumara's "IM ON A BOAT" birthday party here are some shots from that...

this is Cowboy.

boat in the kitchen
who wants a mustache ride...any takers?

The night over all was awesome i was stoked to see some people and even more stoked to hangout with them for the remainder of the night. I'm going to miss Seattle more than i thought i would. it's a shame i love Mammoth so much...mid season trip? I think so.

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