Friday, October 9, 2009


So, having already seen the video - i knew what to expect and the whole IMAX deal was cool. It was like we were all on a field trip. There were goody bags and some of the team riders were there to give out some rad prizes. The video is a bit short but over alllllll the riders parts are decent and the big banger ender, it was my favorite part, was pretty rad. Everybody is gonna hate and be like that video was stupid blah blah blah Shaun White this blah blah. Yeah, he had a ridiculous(in a not so good way) part, but it's SW...what else do you expect. So anyways, i liked the video but the after party at Ozzies was where the REAL fun was had...

one word.


I'm just gonna come out and say probably the best four performances of my Karaoke career.
Kumara and I performed such hits as:

Everybody - Baskstreet Boys
Red Light Special - TLC
Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
Walk Like an Egyptian - The Bengals

Needless to say I'm pretty sure Kumara and I out Karaoke'd Mason and others...despite the claim of karaoke masters.
sadly something was wrong with my camera and a lot of the pics came out blurry
but you can still get the jist of how good the night was.

red light special

"now throw ya hands up in the air - and wave'em 'round like ya just dont careee"

So as you can see from the pics...we got down...waaaaaaay down.
oh and just a lilt reminder...I'm completely sober...
I like to party.

i cant wait for all of ours next time to party...oh it's tomorrow...what a surprise!


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