Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I know I know I know.... It's been FOREVER since my last post. I'm SORRY, but if you could see the amount of stress I've been under trying to figure all my packing and shipping and working at the showroom and hanging out with people before i leave and lunch dates and dinner dates and potlucks and Blond-o-Meal parties and birthday parties and getting my costume ready and trying to remember to not be late for my flight and taking my cousin to his flight and a MILLION other would understand.

Luckily, good ole Louie Vito, who sadly got voted off Dancing With the Stars tonight, said this...

Louie says i blog...

Seriously thought i've been busy out of my mind.
i thought last week was packed
this week is over flowing

so my apologies for the lack of posts - they will be back soon seeing as i will be back in mammoth late next week.

just a quick update of the latest news.

1. works all work at the Burton showroom.
2. met more really cool people.
3. blend-o-meal - pictures to come.
4. ...there was something else that i took a lot of pictures at...they'll be posted too.
5. got called by The Real World...they want to meet me...nbd...nbd...

please don't die on me and just be a tid bit more patient.

yours truly and forever.

oh and PS what do you think of the new header pic?

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