Monday, August 24, 2009

wiffle ball....

is very deceiving.

my friend Jeff called me up and was like i'm gonna be in you neck of the woods playing in a wiffle ball game you should come and play

having nothing better to do i agreed
thinking oh this is either gonna be super lax or we're not even gonna play at all they're just gonna get drunk and we're gonna look really cool at a park surrounded by kids.

no no
we had legit teams

Pants vs. Shorts

i was on pants
and man oh man did we kick ass
had to go into extra innings ended up winning by 14
and although i felt victory in my heart - my back and knees felt everything it took to get that victory.

now the next day - im more sore than a fat lady's first day at Curves.
i fee like im 80 yrs old - this is gonna be bad when/if im actually 80 yrs old.

but on better news
i made a trip to Michael's
got new paint pens, canvas, and yarn to fill the beanie order - yay
so now i'll be feeling like and old lady doing old lady things but in the nice body of a youthful 22yr old...oh how i have the world fooled...


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