Thursday, August 20, 2009

so i came to the cafe last night and i couldn't get a table with a plug so my battery died after about 20 min which sucked
and i didn't bring my journal for whatever reason
so i was left with a cookie bag in my purse from a week ago and a pink pen

i jotted down everything around me until it was full
because i was full of frustration at this guy - oh man

you'll see
because im going to re type it all for you here...

"atthe cafe and my laptop died - all the plugs are occupied & i didn't bring my journal so now im forced to act like a crazy novelist and write on a cookie bag because it was the only thing i had in my purse - oh well im in Seattle right? and that what people in Seattle do...right? so Zach is working tonight and looking exceptionally cute and hipster with his high cuffed pants, vintage beat loafers, and thrift store blue button up - i hate facial hair but something about your bear makes me want you and your walk - a bit annoying yet fierce and determined ?
i really fucking wish one of these fat bitches would get up i know they have internet at their apartment and wtf is wrong with the people at my place? does no one want half of their internet bill paid for? oh i think sweats guy may finally be leaving, yep, i see the windows shut down screen almost there - now if cute cafe guy doesnt notice it - im GOLDEN - oh wtf he was just restarting his comp what a fuckin tease. what could they possibly be doing like really do any of them have a blog to update? no. seriously it retarded how i want to be on the internet right now.
i always feel like Zach hates when i come into the cafe. he's closing his drawer - must be closing time soon. fuck i didnt get that letter sent out to Snowboarder."



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