Monday, August 31, 2009


i was lucky enough to have gotten hooked up with Bonfire gear last season.
it fit well, had good cuts, and surprisingly let me find that light pink fit me pretty well on the hill.
to say the least i loved it and would definitely sport it again - given the chance to shake my butt for more free gear.

so now as they announce that they're going to have boots this season... I'm thinking i may just have to give these a try and push my oh so comfy Celsius aside.

Bonfire Women's Echo Snowboard Jacket

Bonfire Blaze Snowboard BootBonfire Women's Flame Snowboard Boot

the Echo Jacket pictured above, i am def diggin' that. along with those boots...not bad not bad.
like i said def givin' these babies a run or two...I'll be making some calls...

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