Saturday, August 15, 2009

another foreign black guy requesting to speak to me...

i dont understand why all these weird guys msg me on myspace telling me they want an american lady friend...
here's the latest one

I am tall handsome ,my name is thoMas..,and some people would describe me as looking like .I love to travel, go motor cross riding, hiking,skiing,horse back riding with my horse "MATE",So far he's been very gentle. I travel to Hungary once a year,just came back in November,All my relatives are there and look forward to seeing them.I was born in America, but my parents are in Hungary.I want to find a good,honest woman in the U.S. I have met a lot of friends in uk,but don"t seem to have a lot of time to see people when I am there.I hope this time I will meet that person that I have been looking for,and I hope its you... pls if u are interested in meeting me u can contact me on yahoo mail and if u don"t have a yahoo mail i will like u to go get one here is my id



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