Thursday, August 13, 2009

video premiers

like i mentioned in the last post

heres a small list
im sure there will be more to come

so if you're here in the GREAT NW
take note and be there

and if you go lemme know i might need a ride...

‘Black Winter‘ by Standard Films | Aug 28 – King Cat

‘Contrast‘ by Nimbus & ‘Everyday is a Saturday‘ by PBP | Sept 12 – King Cat

‘Neverland’ by Absinthe Films | September 17 - Egyptian Theater

‘In Deep‘ by MSP | Oct 1 – King Cat

‘Pretty Good‘ by Rage Films | Oct 10 – evo

‘re:Session‘ by TGR | Oct 24 – king cat

also heres trailers of most of the videos coming out the season

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