Wednesday, August 12, 2009

slack time is over...

so i pretty much slacked it all summer while i was living the life up in Encinitas

I'm black now

but sadly my sunny summer days have been counted and punched
I've done my 2ND migration this summer - this time to the great NW
that's right I'm back in Seattle
living the dream up here...with the clouds, hills, and oddly dressed people.

oddly enough two very well dressed hotties just walked into the cafe I'm at...

so anyways
I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be spending my whole summer on couches
seeing as i was on a horrible futon in SD and now I'm on a super nice Ikea couch at my beds in the mix.

so along with not working and being like a part-time nanny while I'm up here
I'm taking on an apprenticeship under my cousin and learning the ways of Fine Street Art...otherwise known as "graffiti"

so this should consume a large amount of my time seeing as I'm a slight perfectionist and i don't like to "not be good" at something
so when i do get to the point where I'm doing my first throw up - i want it to be a bomber fer sher.

also I'm gonna try and start doing what i do for all of you folks who i think read this for SnowboarderMag....

Seattle is a prime spot for pre-season festivities so hopefully i can write the partial sentences that flow from my fingertips for someone who has an audience.

I'll keep you all posted on that
I'm hoping i can get the proposal letter out of my head, into an email, and the send button it pressed before the end of the week...we shall see.

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