Sunday, June 14, 2009

yet another bump in the road,,,

so thanks to the power going out in bishop and the employees of U-Haul being incompetent we were unable to pick our reserved trailer and leave to SD today.

we're now leaving tomorrow afternoon since U-Haul doesn't open until 11.

but luckily to counter balance the shittyness of today events i just got another lurker message on Myspace... meet Steve...

hi dear
how r u
nice pic
u r cute
r u single?????
can we become friends???

do u like jokes???

There was a little boy who had just learned to count on his fingers. One day his uncle came to visit and the boy was anxious to show off his newly acquired skill. He told the uncle to ask him and addition question. So they uncle asked, "What is three plus four?" The little boy counts it out on his fingers and said, "Seven." The uncle said, "Listen kid, you cant count it out on your hands because someday when you are in school, a teacher will get mad at you for it. Now put your hands in your pockets." So the little boy put his hands in his pockets and his uncle asked, "What is five plus five?" The uncle saw movement in the boys pockets, then the boy said, "Eleven."

hope u will reply
take care

i dont know what draws these guys to me or gives them the balls to actually write me and not think they're gonna come off as the creepiest dude ever...

i looked at his pic and he's not horrible but i def wouldn't tap it
i will give him a break as he's an Operation Iraqi Freedom Vet. ...

something was obviously shook loose...



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