Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ok so I love brooke and avery to death I really do but I swear sometimes its like I don't even exist
They go out to coffee
No invite
They watch movies in their ROOM
No invite
So I'm left to myself on the futon in the dining room to sit and twiddle my thumbs - I know if I didn't pen my mouth half the time I would be left wondering where they went

Like I don't get it maybe its just me but if I knew one roommate was making out in his room and the other was just sitting on the couch I would think to invite the couch one
And I know you might just say invite yourself but I'm not like that I don't go where I don't feel wanted and if an invite wasn't exteded out to me I'm not gonna ask

Just a vent I guess - makes me sometimes second guess moving out here
I mean I don't feel wanted, I get the butt end of the room deal, and I feel awkward in my own house. I'm thinkin of Seattle ....

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