Sunday, May 3, 2009

so this and that...

i passed my Level 2 exam and can now teach in New Zealand
stoked on that
i was sure i as going to fail - but actually passed above level 2 standard
my examiner, Jeb, told me in my review i was teaching at a level 3 standard
so that makes me feel a little better about taking my level 3 next season
along with that I'll be taking my Freestyle 1 so that i can teach park

aaaaaaand with that maybe I'll get a job at HCSC up at Hood or maybe even in NZ...we shall see

WCI was last night
WOW is all i can say about that...found our Scotty Arnold has a bit of a thing for me...

so yeah Brooke and I are still planning out Denmark
trying to figure out where were staying and for how long and what the itinerary once we get there is
we know the girls are stoked for us to come and have plenty of things for us to do
but as for the boys I'm pretty much banking on them waiting till we get there to plan our days out ha ha
either way I'm OK with this

I'm actually at work right now - its dead we've done 4 transactions in the past three and a half hours and we're closing an hour early

i still get to walk home in this horrible wind that has prevented me from riding the past 4 knee says praise the lord while i curse mother nature.
i just wanna break 100 days already
I'm only 3 away...grr

not much else goin on in the quiet little town of Mammoth
i know its not news years or anything but I've made a resolution to myself.
its been attempted before but I'm pretty sure that this time...this time its gonna be different.

i can feel it.


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ericwolfe said...

what's your resolution?