Wednesday, May 27, 2009


ME: hey Chris (lil bro) guess what i'm doing this weekend
CHRIS: what
ME: what did you do last weekend
CHRIS: go to prom
ME: uh huh
CHRIS: no way
ME: yep - i finally got asked to prom and it only took four years after i graduated

so there's a pretty good chance that i might be going to the Mammoth high School Prom
a boy i work with at MSG asked me
and me being stoked out of my mind
said yes

over the last few days i've been pumped that i get to dress up in my dress that i bought for Poodle Prom again
and dance the night away
more or less have the Prom i never had because that whole part of HS for me sucked ass for me
but oh well - better late than never

as expected my friends, Brooke and Avery, are giving me heaps of shit for it
they're playing their expected roles of nervous mom and protective dad very well.

ahhh freinds...

so anyways this blog is to celebrate the wonderful images of "PROM"
i found a site that does it better than i could ever fathom

and here's some more memories i thought couldn't go without mention....

seriously what the fuck is up with all the duct tape enssambles ...

so i hope this maybe helps you out in your future prom decisions....


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