Wednesday, July 30, 2008

nike snowboarding boots

so apparently Nike is coming out with their own line of boots

4 men's models and 3 women models...

I'm somewhat torn on if I'm hyped or not

i mean i like the Nike SB's

but that's skating - i don't skate - so whatever Nike does in that industry let the skate scene deal. this is snowboarding

Nike couldn't be further from their home turf. now i understand that the usual style Nike appeals to has merged its way into snowboarding and these will prolly be a huge hit among the "thugs" on the hill...but really?


i dunno

I'll still rep my Thirty Twos.

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smolik. said...

Nah, I'm trading in my free Salomon boots for some Nikes. They got shit right with the whole SB shit so their shred department shouldn't fuck up. And well, who has more tech then Nike when it comes to feet? Those boots have to be good. Jus' sayin'