Tuesday, July 15, 2008

THE best day of my life...

after three days of searching the web and buying phone numbers and address's for 2.95

calling people I'm related to but have never met

and waiting..lots of waiting...

I've found my Dad

Joseph M. Lombardi

my cousin Kelly and i had been looking for the past three days

we ended up finding him buy calling his sisters ex husband who informed us he had two older brothers we were unaware f and that he was in FL with one of them

Del called Fred, one of the brothers, and talked with Caroline his wife and Caroline was a bit hesitant of giving us information but said the next time she hears from Joe she'd give him our number.

Kelly then left for a bit and when she returned had a msg on her answering machine from Joe

he couldn't even finish saying his phone number he was crying so hard...

i was in tears the instant i heard his voice.

i was in shock

my dad had jut called Kelly's house
i had my dads number
i could finally talk to my dad

about 20 min later
i called him

- hi, is this Joe?
-hi...this is Missy...

hi sweetheart.

hi Dad

it was nothing but tears, i cant believe this is happening, and i love you so much's for the next hour and a half
we talked about so much
I'm so much like him
it was creepy

he loves me so much
every 10 min or so he would just stop
"i cant believe I'm talking to my daughter right now"
"is this really happening?"
"if i wake up and this is a dream I'm going to die"

to hear someone love you SO much
is the greatest feeling in the world
i haven't cried from being so happy in lord knows how long

i sent him an email with around 20 pics of me

he's never seen me
a few baby pics and a few recent ones

he has no idea what i look like

i have a whole new family to meet
aunts and uncles
i have a grandmother who's 88 and i thought was dead

this is easily the most glorious day of both mine and my Dads life.

thank you God.
thank you.

i really owe this all to my cousin Kelly
without her
i would never of pushed myself to try and find him
i love you.

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