Friday, August 8, 2008

Oh how i love thee...let me count the ways...

so i miss mammoth...i miss snow...i miss riding more than i think i ever have before
I'm done with the heat of my home land aka Hell and I'm done with the shittyness of the economy and my jobs. i have two and yet still have no income and no hours and my money is getting less and less as i type this...amazing...

in church last week the msg i got was simply " i do not have because i do not ask" i feel kind of dumb asking God for money, a car, a home in mammoth, and enough sufficient funds to get me up and back to Canada multiple times and everything i would need to get to and from Australia next summer

that's quite a bit for one to ask from someone they've hardly spoken to in the last couple of years and in the last year has questioned more than ever...

but i still "do not have because i do not ask"
another reason i think i don't ask is because I'm afraid the answer will be no

just like a child
don't ask-don't get the answer you don't want.

what I'm supposed to do i don't know
I'm taking a job i know I'm gonna hate and I'm toughin' it out through three more months of hell

luckily I've found someone to keep me company along the way and to give me drive to get the shit that i need to done. so i can get to Canada and mammoth quicker.
hopefully the 3 months i have left will go as quick as the 7 in mammoth last season did and I'll be strapping in sooner that later.

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