Saturday, December 13, 2008

week long storm

so today is the first day of a predicted week long ordeal'

I'm stoked
new snow and i finally get to move into my house on Tuesday 
Brooke comes into town in 3 days
and i cannot wait

i feel like Tammie and i have been here forever and been on the most uncomfortable futon ever
don't get me wrong
i thank Luc, Matt, and Julian grips for letting us crash for like 3 weeks
but i am SO ready to be in my own space

but on to more Snow related chitter chatter
i feel like i have progressed more in the last month of riding than i had all last season
its going great 
being pushed by friends and just having nothing else really to worry about

it's nice

that's really all i have time for atm so hopefully i'll get more stuff to blabber on about

i got a second job at Mammoth Sporting Goods
sweet as

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