Friday, July 20, 2007


So Jamie had called me up and said, " hey lets go camping and then go to the Byerly Toe Jam. Scott (Byerly) will be there and he said he wants me to come and chill."

one of my main reasons that i started working at Hyperlite was to meet the pros such as Byerly.

so we packed her car and headed down to bumfuck nowhere.

it took us 3hrs to get there - normally shouldve taken an hour-hour and half at most but there was a ton of traffic. s we finally get there and its raining - big surprise - we have to pitch our tent in her headlights int he rian while allt he teams and shops chill in thier million dollar RV's
thanks guys.
our camp site and Jamie's Nugget

the next day was cool hardly anyone there and the comp was pretty sick
first for me
i had fun a recomend going to one of the tour stops.

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